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Great site for buying old school cars…

Hi gang

I was looking for a good site for old school car shows, dates and places, and came across this one . Definitely worth going on over to. http://www.centralvalleyclassics.com/ you can pretty much find anything your after if your into old school cars.

I love their showroom, very user friendly, you will also be able to hook up with other old school car enthusiasts by going into their California cruise nights section (No excuse for a lack of social life) and a car of the week where you can pick up a real bargain old school car (or you can sell yours). and that’s only on their home page, there is literally a whole stack of other features to this site.

So if your looking for a good website with plenty of info and a great social events calendar, make sure you check out http://www.centralvalleyclassics.com/

Stay tuned for more updates if old school cars are what your into.


emailto: oldschoolkars@gmail.com


One Response to “Great site for buying old school cars…”

  1. Great site for buying old school cars… « Oldschoolcars Weblog…

    Great site if your looking for old school cars….

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