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If you can’t find a good old school car that’s cheap on this site then I don’t know where you can. This could be a massive help in looking for that once in a lifetime gem. Unless of course you love going through all the classifieds every week and traveling around the country looking through dodgy suburbs and peoples backyards.

Because Every month their are literally 1000s of cars that get repossessed and these cars must be sold fast and cheap!

Just by completing a simple search online you can literally search through all these great old school cars at the tips of your fingers.

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Hi folks

Welcome back to this weeks post on “old school cars”.
I came across a very interesting article this week about the use of hydrogen as a substitute for fuel. Rather than try and summarise the content I thought it would be better left untouched, here it is in its entirety…

Hydrogen Fuel Conversion

Saturday 11 December 2004

Just 20% of hydrogen mixed with normal diesel fuel will instantly reduce emissions by a whopping 40%. Dr Vishy Karri at the University of Tasmania is working on this technology as an add-on to existing vehicles – starting with a postie’s bike.
Program Transcript

Vishy Karri: We have a series of automotive applications. For example, we are converting an Australian postie’s bike, which is a Honda 110cc engine running on pure hydrogen – that’s one of the applications. And the other one is highlighting the remote area power supplies, which is like you take a large infrastructure of diesel engines on islands and what we have done in the lab is, we mix diesel with hydrogen and we give 20%, 30% hydrogen as a fuel mix via this specially designed injectors into the diesel engines and we see a 50% reduction in emissions.

Robyn Williams: What is emitted, actually?

Vishy Karri: We do have hydrocarbons, I mean diesel engines are notorious for spitting out hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides and with this new technology we are able to mix 20$ to 30% of hydrogen along with the diesel, we are able to reduce those emissions by 50%. And this is quite significant because there is a large amount of established diesel infrastructure in remote areas on islands at the moment and I see sort of this technology as an ‘add on’ to something that’s already available rather than having to throw everything out of the door and saying, look, I’m coming up with something new and take this on. And I think that’s a significant difference there.

Robyn Williams: Absolutely significant because you can get as you say 30%, 40% better results almost immediately. But what about that postie’s bike that’s obviously built for ordinary petrol, how do you adapt it to use hydrogen?

Vishy Karri: The rate at which the hydrogen flows into the combustion chambers; the way we take the air intake designs, and that is all ‘in house’, we built it ourselves. So that’s an intellectual property that we built in Tasmania.

Robyn Williams: Isn’t that excellent, but you say, you’re going to have proper trials you hope. How will you adapt, I mean, will you have a little tank on the bike or what, what’ll it look like?

Vishy Karri: Well, I get that question all the time, Robyn. There are three ways we can do that: we can put a compressed hydrogen tank at the bank, or we can use a liquid hydrogen just like our expensive BMW technology, which I think is out of the question for this. What we are thinking of using is metal hydride. And this metal hydride, we released Australia’s first fuel cell driven scooter in Tasmania about a month ago and we now have the technology where this little hydride cylinder stores up to 370 litres of hydrogen and this can help us to, sort of, take it for a spin for 2 hours at 22 kilometres an hour for the fuel of the scooter. But we are trying to use the same technology, the same storage of hydrogen, that is metal hydrides, to put at the back on these postie bikes and then run them for a trial for a couple of hours. It’s just like a battery, it’s as simple as – I run out of hydrogen from the metal hydride, I can take it to a refuelling place and then I put a pipe in there; it takes half an hour to fill the hydrogen. So it is as simple as that and fortunately that technology is available.

Robyn Williams: But do you think people will have the patience to wait half an hour when in fact refuelling takes them what – 5 minutes.

Vishy Karri: Any transition to technology we have to go through this sort of compromise, I think. Anything that’s coming up new we have to make some compromises generally and waiting 30 minutes is better than spending $5 a litre on petrol, I think.

Robyn Williams: Absolutely, it’s going to cost as fortune, isn’t it? But what are the overall advantages of the hydrogen technology as you see them for Australia in the future?

Vishy Karri: The fact that we are able to understand the research and development behind it and how we are able to build it ourselves. I’m actually very proud to say that we now know the technology, how to do it ourselves in Australia. I mean that’s a great start. There is a huge pressure on all of us basically, all scientists and engineers, to come up with those alternative fuels that would make a lot more viable future, and hydrogen is abundant, it’s readily available, all we need is water. And this looks like an immediate possible solution and we’ve been working on it now for some time and I’m very hopeful that a hydrogen economy and hydrogen future is not very far away.
Guests on this program:

Dr Vishy Karri
Senior Lecturer
Civil & Mechanical Engineering
University of Tasmania


Presenter: Robyn Williams
Producer: Polly Rickard and David Fisher.

Imagine how much this would help in the saving of many classic old school cars destined for the scrap yard. Lets face it with the cost of fuel constanty going up it,s getting harder and harder to spend the extra bucks on your restoration projects. Here is a product that could be at the forefront of this amazing new technology,

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Hi gang

I was looking for a good site for old school car shows, dates and places, and came across this one . Definitely worth going on over to. http://www.centralvalleyclassics.com/ you can pretty much find anything your after if your into old school cars.

I love their showroom, very user friendly, you will also be able to hook up with other old school car enthusiasts by going into their California cruise nights section (No excuse for a lack of social life) and a car of the week where you can pick up a real bargain old school car (or you can sell yours). and that’s only on their home page, there is literally a whole stack of other features to this site.

So if your looking for a good website with plenty of info and a great social events calendar, make sure you check out http://www.centralvalleyclassics.com/

Stay tuned for more updates if old school cars are what your into.


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Hi folks

This is my first post on “old school cars” so I thought i’d do a bit of research on the net looking for an interesting topic that I could share with you all . I had a bit of a look at ezinearticles.com and found this article quite a useful resource. Now there is a link to an ebay auction on the bottom of the page so be warned they are trying to sell you something but aside from that the article makes for some good reading.

Here it is check it out…

Buying muscle cars usually involves working through classified ads, either local ones, or nationwide ones like the Thrifty Nickel papers, or online classified advertising listings like Google Sales, Yahoo Sales, and Craigslist to find muscle cars for sale.Local classifieds may work for you if the car you want to buy is available from a local seller. It may not be though, particularly if it’s a car that was never made in large numbers, or a car that’s simply old enough to qualify as “vintage”. At that point, you need to broaden your search horizons, and look farther afield. And that usually means going online.Google, Yahoo and Craigslist replicate the formats of classified ads, even down to breaking them down regionally, but you’ll still have to work directly with the seller. If you want some third party escrow protection, the best place to go is eBay.EBay seems to be a counter-intuitive place to buy cars, but it’s a good venue to find muscle cars for sale. And not just any cars, but cars meeting specialized tastes and market niches, like vintage muscle cars and hot rods.A lot of car buyers are nervous about buying a car that they can’t test drive, and while there are hazards to buying a car online, they’re not as pronounced as many people seem to think. EBay and specialized car sales sites like CarsOnline all offer buyer protection programs of various sorts.If you’re buying through eBay, which has the most extensive set of protection programs, your options include a $20,000 vehicle protection program, a conditional guarantee by the seller, and a roadside assistance program good for the first 30 days of ownership, bought through Hagerty Plus, a nationwide auto services broker.Before you finalize your purchase, you’ll want to do a title search and check out blue book values; most online car dealerships give you direct links to this sort of information. You’ll also want to check out CarFacts.com, which, for a small fee, allows you to get the entire accident history of any car you have a VIN number for. This is a great way to suss out cars that have had serious mechanical issues and verify that the seller is telling the truth.When looking for a muscle car, be aware that you’re looking for something that is, ultimately, an investment. Muscle cars date back from a time when raw performance mattered more than amenities, and compared to a lot of modern sports cars, muscle cars seem lacking in conveniences. On the other hand, they do have a feeling of raw power when a V-8 engine revs up and propels a solid steel chassis down the road at 90+ mph that really can’t be replicated with modern over-engineered cars.

Muscle cars appeal to a certain masculine primitivism, and are pure testosterone poisoning cast into solid steel. As you hunt muscle cars that are for sale be prepared to compete with other muscle car fans as there’s nothing remotely like these old hot rods being made for the market anymore.

To get more details on Muscle Cars For Sale and to find muscle cars and parts that are currently available visit http://www.muscle-car-sales.com

So there you have it My first post on “Old school cars” not exactly Hemingway but it’s a start, hopefully the more I get used to this blogging thing the better these posts will become, so stick with me I’m Pretty Amped about some of the killer articles and resources that i’m finding on old school cars .


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